• urad dal/black gram lentil : 1 cup
  • raw rice : 1 tbsp
  • sugar : ¾ -1 cup
  • ghee : ¼ - ½ cup


  • In a pan dry roast urad dal till you get a nice aroma(add raw rice along with dal while roasting) but do not over fry or burn.Keep them aside and let them cool
  • Powder sugar finely and Transfer to a plate.
  • Powder the dal according to your taste slightly coarse or smooth.
  • Mix the powdered sugar with powdered dal.
  • Heat ghee and pour little by little to the dal and sugar mixture till you can form laddu’s out of make laddu’s one by one based on the size you desire.
  • Store Sunnundalu in an airtight container and eat when desired.